About Us

Hi there, I'm Blake Logan-Pye. Owner of MNC Pool Liners.

So excited about 2015 and all it has to offer. Our family business MNC Pool Liners is ready to assist you with all the support you'll ever need. Call us today on 0410 695 274.

At MNC we pride ourselves in offering you a service you can trust to solve your inground / above ground pool leak problem. Weather it be a single or multiple point leak or a liner with a tear, we are equipped to solve it professionally with a budget in mind. We are experienced in dismantling and re installing "abovies" of most sizes, shapes and manufacturers as well!!. Put an end to your concerns and call us today.
We can help you with....
-Repair/patch holes in liners to pools.
-Replace liners to above/inground.
-refurbish sufaces/surronding pool.
-dismantle/install "abovies".

Clark Pools Official Installer

Port Macquarie & Surrounding Areas

MNC Pool Liners are the official installer of Clark Rubber Swimming Pools in the Port Macquarie Hastings area.

STEP 1. Contact Clark Rubber Port Macquarie and select your above ground pool on 13 80 90.

STEP 2. Call Blake Logan-Pye at MNC Pool Liners to organise installing your new pool on 0410 695 274.
Clark Pools have been a part of the Australian backyard for over 50 years. Just about every family grew up with a Clark ‘above ground pool’, enjoying years of summer fun and sharing great times with family and friends. It was the family entertainment centre for summer – even better than a beach in your own backyard!

Today, Clark Pools continues its tradition of providing the very best in range, quality and service throughout our network of Clark Rubber stores and online. Experience the fantastic new range of Clark Pools including the Spacesaver, the Family, the Entertainer, the Big Backyarder and the Teardrop pool.

Clark Pools are available as a salt chlorinated pool – what we’ve called our Sea Breeze Resin pools. The Sea Breeze Resin is made from the very latest in pool development, designed to minimise the potential to rust. That’s why the Sea Breeze Resin is considered the ‘real’ saltwater pool.
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